Our osteopaths at MSC Osteopathy provide osteopathic services to people and animals in West London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Slough, Berkshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire.

You can find out more about our osteopaths below, and get in touch with us to ask our osteopaths any questions you might have!

Marie Caublot

(MSC Osteopathy Director)

Marie provides osteopathy services in West London, Hertfordshire, South Buckinghamshire, Slough, and Berkshire.

Marie received her Masters in Osteopathy degree with distinction from Swansea University. She was an apprentice to the directors of the animal osteopathy course from the European School of Osteopathy and took ownership of their clinic in Buckinghamshire in 2020. She studied animal osteopathy from the Osteopathic Centre for Animals (OCA) and Animal Osteopathy International (AOI) accredited by the European School of Osteopathy. She also takes part in continuous professional development for humans and animals as-well as assisting teaching with the animal osteopathy international programme.

Marie takes care of patients in their acute and chronic stages of pain, may they be human or animals. She is attentive to her patients and animal owners; she listens to them and discusses the presentation of their complaint in a comprehensive case history taking process. She uses a variety of osteopathic techniques and management options to best suit her patients’ unique and individual needs, giving advice for self-management.

Marie also integrates knowledge from her interests in sailing, windsurfing, rugby and horse riding into her assessment and treatment as an osteopath. Additionally, she has spent time working in a racing yard and has a particular interest in this area.

Qualifications include: M.Osteopathy (Hons), Animal Osteopath PG.Cert (UCO), Level 1 Equine Osteopathy (ESO), Functional movement taping Rocktape Levels 1&2, EdACHe project (Headache course UCO), Level 2 Equine Osteopathy Diploma with Animal Osteopathy international (ongoing).

Phoebe MSC Osteopathy

Phoebe Martyn-Smith

(MSC Osteopathy Director)

Phoebe provides animal & human osteopathy services in Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, and Warwickshire. As well as human appointments at her clinic in Hagley, Worcestershire.

Phoebe received her Masters in Osteopathy degree with distinction from Swansea University. Her dissertation (for which she received a first) “A comparison of the effectiveness of manual therapy and alternative rehabilitation in the treatment of horses with musculoskeletal dysfunction” was the first animal dissertation written. She then went on to study a postgraduate certificate in animal osteopathy from the Osteopathic Centre for Animals (OCA).

Phoebe travels around treating animals as well as working at her human clinic in Hagley, Worcestershire. Phoebe treats a variety of patients and complaints. She has a particular interest in treating sporting injuries and prescribing exercise due to her own interest with sports, having played hockey, netball and tennis to university first team level.

Phoebe has been brought up around horses from a very young age and has ridden and competed in all area level teams through to championship level showjumping. Moreover, she spent three months working on a horse safari in Botswana, using the opportunity to treat a number of safari horses, from behavioural issues through to injuries sustained whilst in transit and then to post-safari treatment. Phoebe’s latest project is breaking in an Irish sports horse! All aspects relating to animal welfare and performance are of particular interest to Phoebe, from the relationship between horse and rider and the connectivity of their injuries, through to children and ponies and then to professional yards.

Phoebe is also qualified TQUK Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills (RQF).

What our patients think of our MSC osteopaths

Marie has been assisting us with our race horses. They are very comfortable in her presence, relaxing quickly. She is very professional and extremely thorough with each individual. The horses have benefited greatly from her work and are performing to their best levels. Marie’s aftercare is wonderful; enquiring about each individual a few days after their treatment, shows how conscientious she is about each horse. We highly recommend Marie whether treating a competition horse or a leisure horse.” – Martin Bosley Racing (Buckinghamshire)

“Phoebe – I rode Quakeur yesterday and thought he felt so much looser and more lifted, I could definitely feel a difference! So I wanted to say thank you. You’ve obviously worked some magic!” – Pippa C (Worcestershire)

“I can highly recommend both Phoebe and Marie, they have treated my horse while training. They were always professional and always made my horse comfortable during and after treatment. Anyone who has them out will not regret it!”Lucy M (Wales)

“Marie is an incredible Osteopath. Myself and my daughter are hyper mobile and have suffered from pain most of our lives. Marie really has made such a difference for us. We have even nicknamed her magic hands Marie!”Rebecca (Buckinghamshire)

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